Judgemental Opinions

We live in a society where people talk badly about people who are too real. ย Is it such a terrible thing to write about real life situations? ย Maybe when another person reads it might make them feel less alone about their own situations? Is it so bad to write about a funny dating situation where people can also think, “Well, ย I guess it’s not just me.” People will praise and worship people who are fake keeping up their bullshit images though.

All these people judging others give it a rest. You are not God and it’s absolutely insane to me that someone would say, “You need to be careful around me.” Or just not associate with me because I put too much out there. ย I have secrets I’ll take to the grave about others. Anything I ever post is not malicious and anyone who truly knows me knows you have nothing to worry about.

I am comfortable enough in my own skin not to care what others think of me. I’m sorry that makes other people uncomfortable. However, it does bother me that people try to spin the fact that me being very real and honest makes me a bad person.

I am far from perfect but my intentions are always good. I make mistakes. Sometimes the same one too many times, but I keep trying. ย I keep going. People have no idea about half the things I don’t write about that I have gone through in my life. ย Saving that for the book.๐Ÿ˜‰

My point is if you want to judge and talk badly about others I hope you are indeed perfect. You don’t know what another person is going through. I hope you are out helping others in the world so much that that’s why you think your entitled judgemental opinions are worth anything.

I’ll be judging my tan on a beach somewhere. So have fun with that. โœŒ


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