Lessons 2018

I feel like life is about lessons and tests. I’m one to always be like “Well, what was the point?”

Everything in life is a learning experience so maybe the wrong guy comes around right before a nice one so you stop being a little sh*thead and appreciate the nice one 110%. Maybe you are so use to the “same” that you need to be reminded “pay attention” he’s good so don’t self-sabotage this.

Maybe he’s just the same but as for now he’s not. He’s great. Things may change and maybe you made a mistake for having hope “this guy seems good” but what’s the worse that could happen?

He is exactly what you think or not? Life goes on! So you think positive and let life happen. You don’t over think anything because there is absolutely nothing to over think in life. You try to be the best you that you can be. You make mistakes and the right person will always see through that. If they don’t, you weren’t ready for them or maybe they weren’t for you or maybe it was just a lesson for going into another completely different chapter for the both of you. Who knows? Everyone’s timeline is different. Nothing is ever a mistake. It’s just a lesson.

Life is short. Love hard. Take chances. Let people know who you really are. Nothing is easy and this life is messy. We all are just trying to find our way and find the ones who accept as for all our mistakes, our rough times that bring out our worst, and our best times that bring out the best in us. 😏 We are actually all here to help each other.  So try to see the best in one other, have no regrets, and be grateful for everything that comes into your life.  We might not understand it now but hopefully at the end it all makes sense. ❀ Happy New Year!

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