I don’t do “Basic”

As I sit on a plane heading to France and Switzerland solo I realize 1 thing.Β  I’m far different from anyone else. I REFUSE to follow society norms and be brainwashed by the news, tv, or anyone in general.Β  I will not do what everyone else does.Β  I will always do what I want.Β  I will not water myself down.Β  I’m 100 proof and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f*ck.

I’ve said numerous times I’m far from perfect.Β  I make mistakes.Β  I’ve made a lot.Β  My mistakes are a lot less these days.Β  I still make them on occasion though. Everyone does.

Some of the πŸ’© I let myself be part of I wouldn’t put up with for 5 seconds these days.Β  Things have changed.Β  People are not real anymore. Everything is a game. Very few people are genuine. People have become so basic.

So you know what you do when this has become society’s norm? You take yourself out of this bullsh*t. You do not play the game.Β  You are better than any game. If someone can’t see that.Β  Oh well, they lose. You move the f*ck on. If you know you are above this you will only attract others that don’t play this game.

I do not waste time these days with anyone that doesn’t answer, doesn’t show 100% effort with me, or plays some stupid game. Β You truly only get what you settle for. Β My time is valuable and so is yours.Β  Only give it to those who respect and deserve it.Β  ✌

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