How long is this going to take? πŸ˜’

I thought dating suppose to be fun?Β  I mean it is, but not really. I guess I’m at that point where I’m analyzing everything but trying not to have more than 3 glasses of wine while doing it. The amount of overthinking it brings to me is ridiculous.


I think it’s just making me feel more like shit. Like how long is this going to take? Wtf. I have figured out a couple things.Β  I don’t want an as*hole. Nope, not even a slight as*hole. I guess this is a learning process. I’ve outgrown that bullsh*t. About damn time. πŸ€€πŸ”« I want a guy to ask me how my muther f*cking day is? Ohh I’m sick, you don’t care if I’m dying? Well bye! GFY! πŸ™‹ Maybe everything is a lesson and I’ve been a slow learner in relationships until now. Maybe my lesson is moving on from something that isn’t going to work for you is not being picky, it’s just growing up and doing what makes you happy.


I’ve learned I might meet that guy that does all these nice things for me, which I have a couple times in my life.Β  Now just because I am not 100% into him doesn’t mean I like as*holes.Β  The chemistry just isn’t there and I’m forcing myself to like you because you are doing everything I want in a guy. You’re actually acting like you give a sh*t about me and I like it.


Unfortunately, just because someone is doing all things you want doesn’t mean he is who you want to be with. It’s more than a checklist. I hope it’s a feeling. Like a feeling where your brain isn’t overthinking anything because it’s just right.Β  You’re not talking yourself into anything because you just don’t have too, it’s already there.


So you wait, you wait for the physical, mental, and emotional compatibility. The highest form of a relationship you can have. You will just keep waiting. Cause anything that’s really worth having is worth the wait…….✌

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One thought on “How long is this going to take? πŸ˜’

  1. “anything that’s really worth having is worth the wait”
    That’s the truth, right there. It might have to take longer that you anticipated, but it will happen if it’s meant to be. In the meantime, you write, you travel and you enjoy yourself! 😊


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