Single life part 748

Winter is almost over.⛄ Thank the Lord!  I made it through another winter just fine with being cold, bored, and sexually frustrated.  I sometimes wish I had no morals and took that high end hooker job in Miami.  I still remember that phone conversation.  “I don’t have to sleep with them right?” “You do, but it’s the quickest 3 grand you will ever make.  Most have private jets, are from other countries, this isn’t your average client. Our clients are well screened, and very well off.”  I still remember thinking “WTF”.  I was like “Umm I have never even had a one night stand, now I’m going to be a hooker…..I’ll have to call you back.”(My definition of a one night stand is meeting someone and sleeping with them that night FYI.) That was the last of that. I thought about it for a day or two.  I knew my self-worth would never let me do that, but I was working 17 hour bar shifts and could barely pay my bills so I tried to picture it, but NOPE.

So why am I thinking about this 4 years later?  Am I thinking about being a hooker? Bahahah, no definitely NOT.  I am thinking about how f*cking gross this world is.  I mean to each is own.  This banging multiple people sh*t, this just having sex and nothing else and leaving. Not for me. I feel like I should get paid or something. Sleep with someone and leave.  Yeah, if I’m gonna behave that way I’m moving back to Miami and getting paid 3 grand for it. I’m just not that superficial and shallow.  Nah, not my level.  So once again I’m just better off giving myself orgasms. Yup, that’s what I have learned thus far. If we don’t like each other enough to want to be near each other after we hook up, then I definitely should not be sleeping with you. For the rest of you that enjoy this lifestyle kudos to you. If I ever decide to turn slut and bang multiple dudes at a time, I’m getting paid for it.😅 Just saying. 🙊✌$$$

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5 thoughts on “Single life part 748

  1. I love your posts! I never know what you’re going to say next, but I always know that I’m going to enjoy it and/or relate to it in some fashion!! 😊


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