What we should want……

We all think we have a type. That type sometimes is bs. It’s something we made up a long time ago.

Your type shouldn’t be the guy you want to change.Β  That’s setting yourself up for failure. That’s the person that 99% of the time is gonna make you feel like shit.

He might be this handsome 6ft assshole that no one can have.Β  So you gotta have him.

Life isn’t about who you can change to make you feel like you won, it’s about who can complete you so that in all reality you do win.

It’s the person who doesn’t want to play a game, but just wants to know you.Β  It’s the person that has the same moral grounds that you stand firm on that wants what you want.

For me, it’s the person who never judged you.Β  It’s the person who never throws your flaws in your face. It’s the person who accepts them and wants you to grow. It’s the person who is willing to deal with your flaws and figure out the life together that makes you both feel complete.Β  The person that wants to be your best friend. The person who can’t picture theirΒ  life without you by their side.

A person that just sees through you and knows what you truly are. That person will never make you second guess who you are. That’s the person we should wait for.Β  😊❀


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