So I’m that girl that is like “Where are all the nice guys?” but doesn’t like the 82 nice guys that liked me. I fucking hate it. I don’t go for some broke ass loser with 4 kids with 4 different baby mama’s either.

I have asshole standards. The asshole must be funny/sarcastic and not broke. I don’t mean some fucking millionaire either.Β  I don’t want your fucking money. I just respect hustle and I’m attracted to it. I also don’t like stuffy people. If I can roll out of bed and throw a hat on and start drinking mimosas you better not take longer than me. 🐱

I also have to have a gut feeling that he’s not really an asshole, like eventually maybe it’s fixable like a non emotional behavior. Those seem to me my favs. The one’s that take years to get out my life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Usually because 6 months go by and I’m like ehhh I’ve forgotten this is gonna make me feel like a hooker and I’m comfortable with him… let’s text him.πŸ˜πŸ”« I’m clearly a genius.

Why don’t I like nice guys? I do like nice guys, with a twist. I don’t like smoothering guys because although I might act all like I’m into someone, the second I’m comfortable and trust everything is good. Like I can say I’m sleeping over with Penny comfortable. I back off. It’s like we won! Now go do whatever you do and let’s not need to be with each other every breathing second because I still have a life. I like alone time. Doesn’t mean I forever want to be alone.Β  I just can’t handle some cry baby wanting to be with me every second. I’ll ruin you bro.

I’m aggressive. I’m not good at sugar coating anything. A sensitive, sweet, caring guy with no issues. No. I’m attracted to guys that I know could handle me. That I know I’m not going to hurt their feelings. Now here is the problem: I actually do have feelings but I have pretty thick skin, these mfers are good at having no feelings. So I need one that does. Where do they make them? Sign me up! 😍 Looking for assholes with mild-medium feelings! This is why I’m single. Facts. Holding out for my “deadpool”. 😚


4 thoughts on “Deadpool

  1. I love how honest you are! You’re an amazing woman. You’re strong, independent and not afraid to show your flaws!! You starting this blog was a great idea, because you can show other women that u can get through the bad stuff and achieve anything they put their mind too. It is a ruthless world we live in and we all need inspiration!! So thank you for sharing and showing us that we can make it!! ❀❀ya

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    1. Thank you Alicia!!! I will say I get so many people telling me they read it and it makes them feel less crazy. So I’m here to make everyone feel less crazy πŸ˜‚! Although sometimes I didn’t write for a month I’m excited that in 6 months with just posting to facebook here and there 3,000 people from all over the world like 20 different countries have read my blog. For not totally promoting and just dabbling that’s kind of cool! So thank you for reading! 😊


  2. I’ve seen your posts a few times and think we might have some common ground. I’m not text book ‘nice guy’ and some have called me an asshole. I carry myself with confidence. I have strong convictions. I try to be serious but my playful humor shines through. I got my heart ripped out and kicked for extra points 1 too many times for being too nice. My friends would say I got a funny/sarcastic personality, and I’m a driven entrepreneur. Not a millionaire, but def not broke. I know that I know how to treat a lady. Let’s meet for coffee at brewed awakenings, blind date. To add even more mystery to this, we grew up in the same town and have intertwined social circles, yet have never met.


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