Creep Factor 11

There’s alot of creepiness that goes along with being single. For starters my single guy neighbors. One I have known for the 9 years I lived here.Β  You would think he would get the hint I’m not interested! The other is a new neighbor that after he told me to put his number in my phone, he put together a hand written letter in cursive and taped it on my side door. Wtf. Stating “I think it would be beneficial for us to be friends” I really wish I saved the snapchat I took of it. I have since done everything possible to hide from this mfer. What does that even mean? So creepy. 😣

My other neighbor is a nice guy but when I want to sit in my driveway, in my car at 11pm at night writing, drinking a wine, listening to the radio please do not text me “Are you alright?” What?? I’m f*cking great, this isn’t a new behavior!? 9 years I’ve been doing this. Then proceed to say “If you want to come over, and have some coffee and talk?” It’s 11pm at night, I sure the f*ck am not going to be having coffee with you and chatting it up.Β  I’m going to drink my wine, get light headed from this disgusting cigarette and write.

Next, bumble and tinder peeps. Do not, I repeat do not go message me on fb and inbox me on instagram saying how you saw me on Tinder. Who f*cking cares you saw me on Tinder weirdo? So now you’ve looked me up on fb? Who has time for that? I’ve sent dumb drunk messages to guys I’ve already dated but not to fringing strangers! I’m cool with meeting new people, but say something like your pictures of Iceland are amazing or something better than you saw me on Tinder. I swiped left, get over it.Β  Still doesn’t mean I’ll answer you, but depending which personality I am that day, I might say thank you with some kind of response! ✌


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