7 years single part 2

This dating thing I said I’d do, yeah it’s been 2 weeks. I haven’t done it. Why? I’m tired AF. That sh*t is draining. It’s like going to a job interview that I could give a sh*t about getting the job.Β  Plenty of other jobs out there, why do I want this one?

Oh and technically I haven’t been single for 7 years. That was the last time I was in an extremely long relationship. I had a bf 2 years ago in Miami for like 6 months.Β  Not my usual type. He was a straight hipster, my manager, and 11 years younger than me.Β  But he was real and fun. Miami is the land of the metro and fake. Oh you eat salads, count calories, go tanning, take longer to get ready than me, talk about all your materialistic possessions? Your a f*cking p*ssy and we aren’t going to work, so let’s not waste time. Your equal is out there, but it sure isn’t me. Now don’t get me wrong I can be vain, but I’m also pretty down to earth. I’ll hang at the local dive or the Ritz Carlton. I’m versatile.

My type I guess would be tall, dark hair, honest, loyal, laid back guy that has some muscle tone but eats some pizza and tacos every now and again. That would jump on a plane for a trip as much as possible, take shots of whiskey every now and again, climb Machu Picchu with me, that likes a little bit of crazy girl, that works hard, has fun, but keeps her bills on point and is pretty responsible except for one to many pinot noirs or shots of whiskey every now and again, but hey that’s what Uber is for. I also prefer they make it through the crazy Briana before you get to meet the real everyday me that gets sh*t done, bakes cookies every now and then and that isn’t dropping f bombs, and rippin shots of jack. I don’t hide my crazy for later, I like to get it right out there in the beginning 😜. That Briana does not pay the bills, she does not book trips, she does not walk her dog, or cut the lawn. She is a very small part of me, but without her I wouldn’t wake up in light house and find my keys on a roof in Brooklyn. So pretty much my type is a unicorn. πŸ¦„

Here’s the deal. I don’t think I want to go on dates. Not with Bumble and Tinder matches anyway. Honestly, I just don’t feel like it at all. I could go on my interviews and try to come across this magical f*cking person. Or I could just take my chances and keep living my life and book my trip to Machu Picchu and have an amazing time like I usually do by my damn self. Β Who the hell knows? All I know is I do what I want, and if I meet someone along the way that’s in for the ride even better.Β  If not, I’m still having good time doing it alone.Β  Win/Win situation. If I end up on any dates I’m sure you all will be hearing about it. Β Part 3 to be continued… ✌




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