I wonder if I’ll ever grow up πŸ™…

It’s Friday night. It’s raining. I again blew off any dates I had. I’d rather eat ice cream and hang out with my dog than speak to another human tonight anyway. I worked last night in the restaurant I work at and was very tempted to just say ✌ I’m done, this is f*cking bullsh*t πŸ’©. So then I proceeded to think I really need to step up my game with real estate. I mean I’m not doing bad for just starting but I legit am going to lose my mind working in a restaurant 6 days a week to support my travel addiction and pay my mortgage. I then decided to have some wine to calm my ass down from quitting. 4 wines. Fast forward to this morning. Β I didn’t drive and wake up in a lighthouse, yes a f*cking lighthouse. On a couch, in my work uniform, hungover AF and for 30 seconds was like “Where the f*ck am I?” Then I remembered everything. Β Which is always a win when that happens! Most of my friends do not behave this way at my age. They have children and husbands. Things that I feel I’m too young for. πŸ˜‚

Which brings me back to St.Paddy’s Day this year in Newport. I started at 10am and honestly did pretty good until 9pm. 5am I wake up on a couch still in my green suspenders not sure of what city I’m even in. Β So I look at my maps to see my location. I’m in Newport still. Β Ok. Now I look at my facebook, maybe that can tell me something. My friend/boss likes my picture. Awesome. Β Someone is awake at 5am. Β So I text him. “Hi, I don’t know where I am. But I know I’m somewhere in Newport.” He replies “What!? Do you want me to come and get you?” Me: “Yes please!” So he picks me up and is like “Where the f*ck were you?” Me: “Well, I was looking at the pictures on the wall and I am pretty sure I was at my friends friends house because there was a picture of him and his girlfriend.” Anyway I didn’t go get my car until later that afternoon because I’m pretty sure I was still slightly drunk until noon the next day. I believe I have the girl version of Peter Pan syndrome. I definitely don’t do this weekly or daily like I did in my twenties (usually) but I’m pretty sure every now and again Brittany makes her presence known. My alter ego still exists πŸ™ˆ And she’s never growing up. P.S. The shirt says “Lucky Me” get your mind out the gutter.πŸ€


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