Restaurant life 😒

So as I sit here and drink my sauvignon blanc and wonder how in the world am I still actually doing this. Β I gave up bartending. You f*ckers are nuts. I bartended for 11 years. F*ck that noise. How do you people do that sh*t sober? I was at one point the best f*cking God damn bartender/cart girl you could ever imagine. I didn’t play the game like a typical chick though. Β I played it pretty real. Β Everyone was my God damn friend. And actually was. Β I wore argyle socks on the cart and everyone loved it. Including the wives. Β I actually sold my socks for $100 one time, I kid you not lmfao. Everyone had my number for drinks! For drinks! I would read the roster of golfers and know what everyone was drinking. I ran around that course like no one ever will. Β I’m still friends with members cause I’m me. Β Not some bimbo trying to find my next meal ticket. Although haters always want to hate and I’ve heard hilarious stories that are so hilariously fictional I must be super cool to make up such nonsense. Β But I now have turned to just being your sarcastic little as*hole server that can run away from the table when they want to be her friend πŸ˜‚ I have enough friends. Roll on.


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